Service Opportunities – Giving Back

Giving Back

Read more about it.  Click here for the “Giving Back – Jefferson District Service Guide” in PDF format. Its purpose is to provide AA members useful information about the rewards inherent in “Giving Back,” or why we do it. Whether greeting the newcomer or out-of-town visitor, sponsoring, making coffee, serving on a committee, or more, the Guide outlines many options for service.

Help Wanted – Service Opportunities

If you are interested in the service opportunities below, or just want more information, please email

Central Office Phones: AA Charlottesville needs Phone Volunteers to Carry the Message!

Jefferson District Intergroup is responsible for the AA Hotline (434-293-6565), sometimes the first contact a suffering alcoholic has with AA. We prefer that one of our members, rather than the answering service, answer the phones whenever possible.

We have three types of volunteer opportunities so you can tailor your service to your abilities, your availability & your interest. If you are interested / willing to commit to any of the following, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Requirement for all 3 Positions: 6 months of Sobriety & your Sponsor’s recommendation.
Interested? Email us at with the info below and we’ll get back in touch with you.

  1. We need Volunteers to answer the phone in the Central Office, located on Emmet Street in Charlottesville. We normally answer the phone during the week for two-hour time periods, handling live 12th Step calls, Community Service referrals, directions or times of local meetings.
    To Volunteer: Email us with your phone and email address, let us know you’re willing to Answer Phones in the Office and the time(s) you’re available during the week, Mon – Fri and we’ll contact you.
  1. If a weekly obligation is too much for you, we need Volunteers for our rotating Weekend On-Call Phone Coverage (This runs from 4:30 pm Friday afternoon through 9 am Monday morning, and falls to you once every 2 or 3 months, depending on the number of volunteers in the Weekend pool. The Office Manager will coordinate the dates with you and you can plan your time around that.)
    To Volunteer: Email us with your phone and email address and let us know you’re willing to Volunteer to Answer Calls on the Weekend, and we’ll contact you.
  1. Finally, if you can’t commit to a scheduled time for service, but you would rather be included on the 12th Step Call List (one each for Men, Women, or Spanish speaking), read on:
    Either the answering service or a phone volunteer will screen incoming calls, and if a 12th step conversation is requested they will call you (from the list of all Call List Volunteers) to ask you to call the suffering alcoholic, or to provide a ride if you’re able to do that. You can control the hours you’re available for calls, and whether you want to give rides or not.
    To Volunteer: Email us with your phone and email address and let us know you’re willing to be included on a 12th Step Call List. Also let us know if there are times you are NOT available for calls, and whether you can give rides to meetings or not.

Intergroup Activities Committee
Needs help planning and arranging picnics, dances, celebrations and other events. We are always happy to see more volunteers!

AA Newsletter – “The Message”
Local AA Newsletter. See more here:

Archives Committee
Needs help collecting and documenting records, documents, articles, memorabilia, newsletters, and group histories for our local and Virginia Area Archives.

Cooperation with Professional Community – Public Information Committee
Needs help providing information about AA: what it is and isn’t to professionals who are in contact with alcoholics and to the general community. Volunteers are always needed with health fairs, talks and much more.

Correctional Facilities Committee
Needs help working with local corrections institutions to carry the message to incarcerated alcoholics. We have three facilities within our district, including Albermarle County Regional Jail, Dillwyn Correctional Institution, Fluvanna Women’s and Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center. In particular we have a strong need for volunteers in the Juvenile facility.
Correction Committee meetings take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Westminster Presbyterian church on Rugby Road at 6:30 p.m., just prior to the 7:00 p.m. Jefferson District Service Committee meeting. 

Grapevine / La Viña Committee
Become a Grapevine Representative for your group who informs the general A.A. community of the amazing availability and benefits of the Meeting in Media! Sign up here: When prompted please use District is 9, Area is 71 when asked for specific regional information.

Hospitals and Institutions Committee
Needs help coordinating delivery of information and meetings to area hospitals and treatment centers. Volunteers are needed to help take meetings into 5 East at UVa Hospital and the Wellness Center. Help also is needed in carrying the message to local nursing homes and hospice to those with special needs.

How Can I Help the Alcoholic in Jail or Prison?
Bring AA meetings into local jails and prisons. Read the attached flyer How Can I help the Alcoholic in Jail or Prison for more details. At the Dillwyn Correctional Institution: AA meetings are being resumed after several years. New volunteers must attend an orientation at the prison. You can also be a Bridge the Gap volunteer. Download the application here: Bridging The Gap.

Corrections Correspondence Service (C.C.S.) 
We are in dire need of “outside” male A.A. members to participate in C.C.S. Currently we have over 150 male inmates waiting for correspondents. For inmates at facilities with no meetings, C.C.S. is their only contact with A.A. Imagine trying to stay sober and sane in that kind of environment with no meetings!

We are contacting men who are already corresponding with one inmate to see if they can take on a second man. It’s actually not much more work writing to two than one. A member recently shared with us that he supplements his letters by sending stories he prints out from Grapevine’s Story Archive.  You can subscribe to it at

Contact Jeff W, Corrections Coordinator at if you are interested in writing letters to inmates. Please spread the word in our local meetings.